Arashi Brakes carry maximum stopping power and great durability
The shape of the disc ensures good heat dissipation under heavy braking sessions, reducing brake fade, minimizing warping, and ensuring the rotor’s longevity. The slotted rotor ensures water and dirt are dispersed quickly when braking.

A. Light & Power. Building up by 420 stainless steel
B. Warping prevention. Braking surface separated from mounting is to prevent being constrained caused warp when brake disc expand and shrink
C. Heat Dissipation. Customized holes & slots improved water dispersal, cooling, and dirt removal. Perfect under all riding conditions.
D. Increased Toughness. By adding an extra film of rust prevention around the holes and edges. Made from 420-grade stainless steel for a higher rate of corrosion resistance & toughness

DBS004W FOR HONDA CN 250 86-89

Color: Silver
    CN (fusion/helix) 250 88-89 FRONT - L
    CN (fusion/helix) 250 86-87 FRONT - L
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