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Dream Bike Shop with registered office in Guangzhou produces and develops motorcycle modification spare parts and accessories. Mainly specialized in Floating Brake Disc, Adjustable Footrest, Wheel Rim, Clutch Lever and many other CNC (Computer Numerical Control) products.


The founder had been in the motorcycle trade since 1991. Lately, he set up Dream Bike Shop in year 2001 with his experience and passion in motorcycle. Until now, Dream Bike Shop has been dealing with companies from Japanese, USA, Singapore, Dubai, Egypt and Australia for years.


Dream Bike Shop has been successfully involved in motorcycle for decades. In 2006, the company has introduced “Arashi” to the public. Arashi carry outs its innovative ideas and technology to its products. Never stop improving and evaluating become the essential elements in Arashi’s success.


Arashi Motor Modifications has deep understanding and experience in developed the skill in manufacturing the finest products. Most of the modification products are being on-road tested at Zhuhai International Race Track. Dream Bike Shop believed in bring its best modification parts to the dream riders all around the world. 

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