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Arashi Brakes carries maximum stopping power and great durability

A. Light & Power. Building up by aluminum 6061-T6 & 420 stainless steel
B. Rivet Function. Created space for braking surface and pads to achieve its perfect alignment
C. Warping prevention. Braking surface separated from mounting is to prevent being constrained caused warp when brake disc expand and shrink
D. Heat Dissipation. Customized holes & slots improved water dispersal, cooling and dirt removing. Perfect under all riding conditions.
E. Increased Toughness. By adding an extra film of rust prevention around the holes and edges. Made from 420 grade stainless steel for higher rate of corrosion resistance & toughness




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Specifically developed for Motorsport, Aerospace & Marine applications.


- The 6 point star offers streamlined good looks

- Designed to present incredible strength, performance, and durability

- Manufactured and precision machined with CNC rolled threads

- Greater fatigue strength & reduced galling

- Polished to reach mirror-smooth finish

- Ensure highest quality whilst being lightweight

- Class-leading corrosion resistance

Arashi Front Brake Rotor Disc For SUZUKI GSXR GSX R 600 GSXR600 1997-2003



GSX R 600 1997-2003 FRONT- L/R

GSX R 750 1996-2003 FRONT- L/R

GSX R 1000 2001-2002 FRONT- L/R

GSX R HAYABUSA 1300 1999-2007 FRONT- L/R

TL R 1000 1998-2003 FRONT- L/R

TL S 1000 1997-2001 FRONT- L/R

GSX 1400 2002-2007 FRONT- L/R

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